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About us

GPM is a global organization that advocates for sustainability in the project profession. We help individuals grow, companies become more resilient, governments more efficient, and societies more robust, all while safeguarding our natural resources. 

As a social enterprise, we are focused on evolving the project profession through principled and value-based methods. From our multiple award-winning standards to our training, assessments, and certifications, our goal is to drive sustainable business and realize the 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs). 

Green Project Management?

We are the originator of the Green Project Management global movement which includes models for sustainability, training, and certification of individuals based on the following principles:

  1. Commitment & Accountability - Recognize the essential rights of all to healthy, clean and safe environments, equal opportunity, fair renumeration, ethical procurement, and adherence to rule of law
  2. Ethics & Decision Making - Support organizational ethics, decision making with respect for universal principles through identification, mitigation, and the prevention of adverse short and long-term impacts on society and the environment
  3. Integrated & Transparent - Foster the interdependence of economic development, social integrity, and environmental protection in all aspects of governance, practice, and reporting
  4. Principles & Values-Based - Conserve and enhancing our natural resource base by improving the ways in which we develop and use technologies and resources
  5. Social & Ecological Equity - Assess human vulnerability in ecologically sensitive areas and centres of population through demographic dynamics
  6. Economic Prosperity - Adhere to fiscal strategies, objectives, and targets that balance the needs of stakeholders, including immediate needs and those of future generations

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